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*IMPORTANT! Site soon to be remodeled COMPLETELY FROM SCRATCH! I want to showcase some of my projects here and have the links be more organized and user friendly. Look out for site updates.

*Front page remodeled, no longer uses table elements for structure, now uses box model and CSS grid! Other pages soon to follow.

*Webmaster's About Me page added!
*Includes: Biography, Video Hoard, and E-Shrines (WIP)

*Custom domain registered and live! It is now
*1 new blog post

*Resources page created and implimented, slowly adding whatever i find onto it!
*Gallery button added, coming soon!

*Site remodeled
*1 new blog post
*Added Music, Resources, and Ask box


So dang busy

I've been working on a lot of projects recently, and slowly been teaching myself more javascript. Time moves so dang quickly yet so slowly... Weird! Anyways I've been holding up well, still chipping away at things. Art related or coding/programming related. Also taking care of my plants every single day and making sure those hold up well. Looks like full sun does them more favors. I chipped some stuff off of my queue and feel a lot better now i think. But i still have a long list of stuff to go through @_@ I trust it'll go well i think.



OKAY OKAY so quick update. The gallery page is STILL being worked on i promise!! So it should roll out eventually, I've just been trying to decide on a format for it. I reaaally wanna add a comment box for each individual piece or something like that but i feel like that's too big a task for right now, so I'm gonna put it to the side. BUT, everything else should be coming together smoothly. I really don't want the gallery page to continue to be a placeholder any longer and wanna start rolling out updates for it ASAP.


More Learning!

I am slowly but surely teaching myself how to use CSS flex and CSS grid to help shape my website design skills, instead of relying on the all too comfortable yet unstable table layout. It's not as intimidating or scary as i thought and i got the hang of it easily...
On another note! I've tried to refrain from relying on twitter and other social media for dopamine... So that's a good thing. I'm trying to dedicate more of my time to my projects rather than doomscrolling through social media all day... @_@


Some Announcements!!!

FIRST OF ALL!!!! As you guys can see, I registered a custom domain name!!!! :D
I am SOOOO excited about this, this is my first time having a custom domain for my website after all. Also, today is me and my partner's half year anniversary meaning we've been together for a half a year, and I'm really happy to have them in my life, I love you sooooo much!!! :DDD Today is exciting and fun especially with all the motivation I've been having to code and make things



I've been learning a lot working on this site, and some other stuff too. I got Atom set up with a live html preview plugin so I can work on pages without having to hit update on here a billion times, so the page will be tested in Atom and i'll export it over to here! How convenient! I also am learning Python and as a little learning excercise I'm gonna try to make my own drawing software, rudimentary at best.



took the time to set up a new site! Everything is a work in progress right now but i'll keep y'all updated as i add more stuff. Might ramble a bit about my interests or project progress as well.

'Sup, I'm Zero or Memo.
I make websites as a hobby. This is my little corner of the internet,
This website is a little passion project of mine and a place to share things!
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