dancing cat

Useful Rendering Techniques

demonstration of 'darks first' rendering
This is probably common knowledge, but putting your darks down first really does make a difference when it comes to giving your art volume.

The opposite is true if you're drawing a character where the light source is coming from behind, you put lights down first then block in the darks around the contour of the character.

Keep the general shape of each part of the character's body, and the light source in mind at all times. Erase the dark layer where you want the light to hit, the light layer will show underneath. I know this is basic knowledge but after drawing digitally for over a decade, you eventually lose sight of fundamentals, so it's good to return to your roots and practice things such as this.

Who Even Listens to CDs Anymore?!

Mega Man UOST
Picked an old hobby back up, I used to burn video game OSTs (particularly Mega Man) onto CDs and would write or doodle on the top face. Of course, me being the mentally stable individual i am, still uses a CD player and is fondly interested in these thin plastic data discs.

Why yes, i DO enjoy carrying a waffle iron in my backpack at all times so i can listen to music! Jokes aside, Here's the first in the collection. I'm starting off with the original NES Mega Man OST because well, it's the first game, why wouldn't I? Each CD will have its own unique artwork. First is just regular Mega Man because there's really nothing special going on in this game. Next i have just the helmet planned as a reference to the ending of Mega Man 2, then the 3rd CD will have protoman on it, since he's a boss in that one.

Hopefully I can finish this pet project soon and Have all the soundtracks up to Mega Man 10 on CD!

Fresh New Look

Renovations are complete! Thank you to everyone who waited patiently for this update. I apologize for the long wait, hope you guys like the new look. This layout should be easier on the eyes as well.

I'll update things as time goes on, For now the home page should be mostly stable.