Town of Robloxia: Destroyed. A Roblox x Undertale cross-over AU comic!
Vast Error. 12 trolls play a game.
The Epic of Serina. An ongoing chronological world-building and speculative evolution project.
Keep the Web Free, Say no to Web3!


Earthbound Battle Background Generator
HTML Cheat Sheet, a useful HTML Editor and code resource.
Interneting is Hard. Web development for complete beginners.
Map of Informed Consent Clinics In the United States.
Not BR. A free, not shitty Bionic Reading alternative.
Based Cooking. A website with tons of recipes and literally no advertisements, subscriptions, long wearying stories, or bloat. Just a website made with plain HTML with tons of recipes. (ignore the weird crypto shilling on this one and you're good, it doesn't cost anything to use)
3ds Hacks. Hack your 3DS


Nitrome. A collection of free games from indie game development team Nitrome
Blood Void Mass. Play as a humble blood farmer. Use the void to grow your blood mass.
Underhero! A 2D side-scroller RPG adventure that tells the story of an underling of the main villain chosen to be this world's new hero.
Kobold Siege. A single kobold with a gun takes on a whole castle to rescue her kidnapped family and recover their eggs.
Nuclear Throne. A really god dang good indie game that surprisingly nobody i ask knows of. So if you've never heard of it you should totally play it.


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