HEYA! I'm nameless but i go by various names. (Zero, Memo, Enigma, ETC. you get the idea). I have a hard time writing about myself because I'm not very good with words but I live in the southern United States, I love web design, gardening, video game development, biology (especially marine biology, mycology, and microbiology). I'm aspiring to be a video game developer some day, but for now i make silly websites and browse the internet learning new stuff all the time. I love soft leafy green vegetables like spinach and cress, and flaky pastries and sweetbread. My favorite drinks are coffee rootbeer and fruit soda. I love cheesecake, and sea food too. Savory and sweet are my favorite flavors.

    I like to go mushroom and wildberry foraging or exploring and looking at insects and animals. I also raise plants as a hobby, I've grown everything from fruit to vegetables and herbs and decorative landscape plants and plants native to my area to plant outside. I've improved at gardening a lot over the years and think i have come a long way. I just enjoy the idea of taking care of something and watching it grow, It's a rewarding and fulfilling task.

    I'm neurodivergent among my other disorders, so i act different from most people and have a hard time talking and may sound repetitive, but while I'm not as good at being social, I am good at many other things. Despite not being good at social skills, I enjoy talking to people and love making new friends and often go around exploring the internet and meeting all sorts of different kinds of people.

    Indie games and projects are my favorite thing in the whole world, I always say if i get rich somehow I'll donate all my money to independant developers and projects. I personally believe independant or small family owned companies or projects are good for society and you should always support them over large corporations. We need more personal creativity from individuals and resources that focus on helping others make that creativity happen.